Sunday, June 13, 2010

Arrival at Penland School of Crafts

I've arrived safe and sound at Penland School of Craft at 7:30 am yesterday and have been having a blast doing workstudy. Yesterday's tasks were mainly cleaning during the day and I received my assignment as a weekend prep cook and got right to work! I'm about to head to the kitchen in a few minutes for the first full day of kitchen tasks! As always, I'm very happy to be around food - which is great here.

The view from the porch of the Craft House is beautiful. I'm staying on the second floor and have unpacked all of my things. The porch is a great place to watch all of the fireflies dancing around in the giant field. I've had a lot of great opportunities to meet a lot of wonderful new people with like interests all day yesterday and am looking forward to today.

Of course, I wait to get in to the studios!

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