Monday, October 17, 2011

Underwater Drawings

I'm creating a new series of patterns based on a concept I've named "Imitation Temptation": One of the patterns use these drawings of undersea volcanoes, coral reefs, and poisonous fish. Other patterns use painted snakes and candy, drawn mushrooms, and weird paisleys. Finished work soon to follow!


Natural Dye Workshop with Kelly Cobb

Design Philadelphia is a great opportunity to learn new things! This past weekend, I went to a compost dye workshop, held by the lovely, Kelly Cobb! We learned about different ways of dyeing with natural material (sourced directly from Greensgrow Farm) from solar, fermentation, to compost dyeing! My favorite part was learning hapa zome - which is basically just beating the natural dye into your fabric. It's a satisfying way to dye! (No pun intended, really!)