Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old City Window Display

As a part of DesignPhiladelphia, the businesses in the Old City district of Philadelphia are paired with designers to create an interesting window display. This year, I chose to participate and was paired with MG Real Estate, located on 20 N. 3rd Street, right above Market Street. They have a wonderfully huge window!

Vote for your favorite display via web or text my window number #3939 to 215-259-VOTE!

I wanted to create an ethereal and natural looking installation, utilizing the depth of the window. After thinking about how to use the space, I decided on making MANY paper mobiles as inspired by oh happy day's blog post.

In total, there are 78 hanging mobiles in the window.

Step One.

Doodle on hundreds of feet of vellum.

Step Two

Cut up the vellum to 1" x 3" strips

Step Three

Get to sewing!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rooftops Pattern

Fo my next repeat pattern, I am taking inspiration from the world's first known town - Catal Huyuk. With its mosaic-like town structure and lack of space between buildings, this is an opportunity to create a unique landscape that borders on the surreal.

sketch of idea

The buildings are drawn with marker, ladders and cats with ink.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Finish Line

First Repeat Pattern for Print Design Studio Class

This week has been very productive! My first repeat project has been completed. The lotus flowers have found an icy pond. The repeat is 27" x 27", painted in gouache. The background is painted gouache on illustration board with a layer of tracing paper adhered on top to simulate cracked ice.

The tracing paper ice


Not only did I finish this project, the gallery deadline for the upcoming Halloween show is also this week. I finished the entire print - all eight colors - with ink, hand drawn on top. I cut the mat to size with beveled edges.

Opens at Proximity Gallery on October 1st!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lily Pads and Lotus Flowers

One section of my 27" x 27" repeat for 60" wide cloth

I've been going crazy trying to get this color right! After mixing multiple color palettes, I think I've found where "chill" is on the spectrum. The background will change from white to.... ??? I'm going to experiment with making textures with tracing paper and painting geometric shapes in varying shades of gray.

Staying frosty!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Concept Board and Color Mixing

I can now say that I am a Master's candidate for Textile Print Design!

Classes have officially started and I am venturing into my first project: a floral print design based on an assigned color word and an assigned tactile word. The color word is "chill" and the tactile word is "punctual". The word, punctual, threw me for a loop as I scrambled to equate punctual to the sense of touch. I associated it with clear and defined edges with a smooth texture.

We made concept boards for color. This is mine (at the third try):

Mixing colors to match the concept board:

The assignment is to create a floral motif that fits in a 27" x 27" repeat that will span across 54" cloth, typical size of cloth for home furnishings. For the flower, I am choosing the lotus flower. Tonight, I'll be working on abstracting the lotus into a "punctual" and "chill" design while experimenting on some textured gesso on paper, mesh, and tracing paper.