Sunday, December 12, 2010

Final Print Collection!

In the final stretch of my print class, we had to design a collection of prints: 2 main prints with 3 coordinates that matched. The 2 main patterns were supposed to be different in aesthetic, motif, and structure and this is what I came up with.

Sea Exploration and Air Exploration.

My inspirations for this project came from the writings of Jules Verne. The idea was to make imagery that alluded to what people predicted could be possible for the future during the turn of the victorian era: flying machines and underwater exploration. When I was very little, I always thought I'd be wearing silver spacesuits and driving a hover car. We'll see if those things ever happen.


Jeremy said...

This is amazing! I love the airships!

maggie said...

these are really, really great, Jen!

Aidan Rich said...


JEN GIN said...

Thanks, dudes and dudette!