Thursday, February 3, 2011

Drape Drape: Sewing Japanese

Surprisingly, I've had more free time the past month than I had anticipated. 

I'm even doing TWO different prints for the ANOEM show, which opens this Saturday, February 5 at Masthead Print Studio, 340 Brown Street. My last minute print was an idea to do a piece on Jeffrey Dahmer. A Nation of Evil Men, indeed.

The upcoming Age of Reptiles show will open on February 25 at Paradigm Gallery, 2020 South Street. I plan on starting on this project ASAP. Weather prediction: screen print with a chance of repeats.

Most importantly, I've been chipping away at more of my Japanese pattern books lately. Although, I have not committed myself to making all of the garments in this book, Drape Drape, it looks as though I will complete a good amount of them by the time we reach the Spring/Summer seasons! Hooray!

This book is completely in Japanese, but this guide by label-free comes in handy when determining measurements.

A peek at the Drape Drape book, photos from lulalouise:


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