Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer begins: reflection and projection

Now that summer is here, I finally have a minute to reflect upon the past few months: It has been incredibly busy - perhaps the busiest I have ever been: researching specialty inks and playing with electronic integration of textiles and considering what the future of textiles can be. I hope to continue research that investigates how textiles can become an interface, completely separate from computers as we interact with them now and how they can augment everyday life.

Design-wise, I've been producing a collection of prints that focus on the fragmentation of time. This idea is born out of living in the internet age, where face-to-face and real time conversations are slim and people can present the edited versions of themselves by posting something, deleting it, reposting, and manufacture an experience where time is becoming irrelevant.

From here on, I will be embarking on some new projects, which include menswear prints and identity, hand screen printed products, and visioning/developing my own brand. Should be exciting!


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