Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prints and Quilts

I’ve been happily making tons of sketches by hand and by computer, planning for prints to come. This new print - that I’ve drawn out with fluid on the screen - will be an exercise in gradients, using a rainbow roll of grays, which will look great on that factory green from French Paper !

After printing on paper, it’ll be time to print on fabric to make a glass blowing tool pouch for a friend, who will be coming for a visit in two weeks! This doesn’t give me a lot of time to finish this project, but I will come through… I hope.

Some new printing ideas that have been floating around:
Another wolf-woman
Irises, with pen drawn on top of printed image


Quilting is a challenge. Especially if you do not have a giant workspace to lay out all of your pieces for your quilt before sewing. In retrospect, I would have chosen a smaller selection of fabric, between three and five patterns, cut larger pieces, and made a small quilt. In reality, I have chosen twenty varieties of patterned fabric, which, just this past weekend, expanded to thirty to accommodate the fact that I am making a queen-sized quilt. My target quilt area will be 80 inches x 95 inches. I have about one third of this project done and it looks like disaster struck. However, this will prove to be a good learning experience if I want to venture into quilt land again (Next time, I peruse the quilt kit section first).

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